Samos Island | North Aegean | Greece


Samos, a luscious green island, an Αegean gem, with its majestic green mountains and gorgeous beaches is the home of Pythagoras and Aristarchos. I've finally arrived! As soon as I step off the plane, this island's aura totally surrounds me!... It's so apparent! I'm so looking forward to Virginia’s Villa, situated north east of the island, at Agia Paraskevi gulf, 24kms from the airport and only about a 40 minute drive away.

On my way now and driving through the beautiful and very historical town of Pythagorio. I stop and gaze for a moment.. Wonderful! Continuing I stop to do my necessary shopping at huge supermarkets situated on the main road towards the capital. Easy!

My mind is whirling with imagination. I'm actually imagining my morning breakfast on the large balcony of the villa overlooking the endless blue sea. I continue my drive past the roundabout and I am now onto the new main road towards my destination. Oh..! It's so easy, there are signs directing you everywhere. The view now is simply mesmerizing. Magnificent! Dominant colors of the different shades of green of the mountains and vegetation and the deep blue color of the sea below surround me. This is such a Treat!

I'm so close now. Just before going down to the beach of Agia Paraskevi there are two left turn off roads. One leading to the superb and quite famous sandy Livadaki Beach. A paradise to say the least! The other a paved road leading down to the Villa. I immediately turn left onto the paved road until I come upon a eucalyptus tree. Turning left once again and vouala! The Villa is right in front of me. I park my car and stand and admire the beauty of this amazing landscape - a palette of harmonious colors! Just below I can see the beach of Agia Paraskevi, a chapel and a quaint little tavern. Wow! This is just me and nature! A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life! Mind you Cafés, shops etc in the capital are only a 20 minute drive away.

I have now entered the villa. Taking my suitcases onto first level and I walk into a modern bedroom with an amazing panoramic sea view! I also see a hydro-massage shower! I'm definitely going to relax here! This house is superb! It has all the comforts I need! I had best put my watermelon and feta cheese into the refrigerator to cool before I dive into my private ecological pool! This is a total heaven! I'm going to enjoy my endless hours of relaxation in my private and perfect paradise!

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Virginia Villas

Virgina Villas are just four minutes walk from the beach, on the outskirts of the city often referred to as one of the best kept secrets of Samos. Quiet, peaceful and only twenty minutes from the capital of the island..